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The Origins of One and Done with Cookie

Updated: 5 days ago

Have you ever heard of the legendary "one and done" evening? Well, buckle up and prepare to embark on a culinary journey that originated in the quaint town of Harrisonburg, Virginia, courtesy of Cookie and her close-knit group of friends.

Picture this—it all started at Cookie's renowned restaurant, Downtown 56, where the concept of indulging in a single chosen item at various local spots gave birth to an unforgettable and delicious tradition!

The Genesis of One and Done

It was a typical evening in Harrisonburg, with Cookie, a culinary maestro, at the helm, steering the group towards a night of gastronomic delight. The rules were simple—select a hotspot, pick an item (drink, appetizer, entree, or dessert), relish it to the last bite, and then move on to the next destination. The catch? Just one item per stop! Our fearless foodies embarked on this adventure, eager to tickle their taste buds and savor each moment.

The Quest Begins

The first stop on their tantalizing tour was a cozy tavern in the heart of town. With excitement brewing, Cookie and the gang scanned the menu, their eyes gleaming with anticipation. A unanimous decision was made—an irresistible appetizer that left them craving more. As the laughter echoed off the walls and the dishes quickly disappeared, it was time to bid farewell and venture forth.

Dana and Cookie at one of their favorites in Naples, FL

Into the Night

With each new location came a fresh burst of flavors, each offering a unique culinary experience that left their adventurers in awe. From exquisite drinks that danced on their tongues to delectable desserts that melted in their mouths, at every moment, they celebrated good food, great company, and the spirit of culinary exploration.

The Final Stop

As the moon hung high in the sky, casting a magical glow over the town, Cookie and their friends arrived at the last stop of their epic evening. A renowned restaurant awaited them, promising a grand finale to their culinary escapade. The group savored their chosen entree, reveling in the flavors that graced their plates. They toasted to a night well spent with satisfied smiles and content hearts.

Reflecting on the Adventure

As the night drew to a close, the echoes of laughter and the aroma of delectable dishes lingered in the air. Cookie and her comrades reveled in the memories created, each bite a testament to the joy of exploration and the magic of shared experiences. The "one and done" evening had left an indelible mark on their hearts and taste buds, a reminder of life's simple pleasures.

BOOM- the birth of ONE AND DONE WITH COOKIE in Bonita Springs, Florida!!!


To sum up, those exceptional evenings played a crucial role in shaping the foundation of our catering business strategy. We uphold these principles as a steadfast compass that enables us to deliver a top-notch service to our clients. Our dedication lies in crafting extraordinary experiences, yet our ultimate goal is to ensure that hosting events at home, organizing corporate functions, or arranging private dinners appear effortless and seamless for you.

Explore our blog, where One and Done with Cookie invites you on a deliciously witty journey through culinary delights. Discover mouthwatering recipes, entertaining food tales, and delightful anecdotes celebrating the joy of food and the art of catering near you. Join us as we blend flavors, stir up laughter, and share stories and videos that will leave you craving more. Welcome to a blog where every bite tells a tale, and every dish is a delight!

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